Different Wedding Photo Editing Effects

Wedding albums are the most desired part of a wedding. It captures the entire mood of your special day through an amazing collection of snapshots. To get a perfect looking wedding album, there is no necessity to compromise with average pictures. During your wedding, you have uncontrolled environment, either by people around you, or unnecessary objects, or even due to poor exposure to sunlight. Whatever the reasons are, you need not allow these hindrances to affect your wedding photos in any way.

Wedding Photo EditingConsequently, what can be done to create a perfect looking, unique wedding album? The only answer for is – Introduce various effects in your photographs using digital photo editing techniques. Here is a collection of few effects that you may use to reflect your personality, ideas, and style in your album

If you want a romantic and soft feel to your special moments, you can use either the Vignette style or a Dreamy photo effect. The faded edges in the vignette style were originally due to limitations in the camera lens. In the recent times, this effect is being created digitally for its heavenly haze.

A soft spotlight on the subject or any object, or even a softer background will also ensure a warm, soft, and dreamy appearance. This effect is also useful to emphasize a person or object in the picture.

One great idea to highlight something or someone of special importance is to create a black and white photo, and then use techniques like color popping or hand tinted effects. Color popping gives your photograph a reason to gain attention. Hand tinting also gives a vintage styled, old-fashioned appearance.

Nothing goes unnoticed if you capture your special moments in black and white. It is classic and elegant. With a well-defined light source and background, your photos will be definitely amazing.

For amazing imaginative effects, you can choose pencil-sketching effect, matt painting effect, or artistic effects. Using loads of colors and designs or just with simple touch of colors, you can bring about an arty and dramatic look in your photos. By using pre created 3D images, you will be able to induce a virtual effect in your pictures.

By super imposing scanned images, you can bring about multiple exposure effect to your images. This produces a striking dramatic feel to your photos.

Though these effects are technical and time consuming, your professional wedding photo editor will be able to offer a high quality editing, and also manipulate wonderful results for your wedding album.