How to Preserve Your Wedding Photos?

Weddings are truly the single most memorable and cherished moments for any couple. And unless you got married after 1990, chances are that most of you have a shoebox full of your old wedding pictures. In the past, couples had only restrictive storage options such as albums or picture frames. However, in today’s high-tech world, there are a plethora of choices available to keep your most prized memory intact!

The first and foremost step in preserving a photograph is to make a digital back up copy and have several copies of CD’s made and distribute it to friends and family. There are several digital back up options available such as CD’s, flash drives, hard disk etc. It is extremely important to store the negatives in entirely different location, so that even if the pictures are damaged, you still have the negatives to make prints from.

After a long and grueling wedding, couples generally do not find time to organize and store their pictures and find it convenient to simply tuck them away in a shelf or drawer. This form of improper storage is the first cause of photo deterioration. It is essential to store the albums and pictures in an area of low temperature and humidity. This is because; higher temperatures will cause the colors to fade. Choosing an appropriate location is of utmost importance. Never choose the basement, as it is generally humid and is also prone to flooding. Storing them in a room with excessive sunlight will also cause fading. Hence, select a spot that is not over exposed to light and does not have frequent humidity or temperature fluctuations.

While storing photographs, make sure that it is not clipped along with newspaper cuttings or other photos, as the acid in the newspaper tends to leak on to the images and damage them. It is also advisable to not use paper clips, pens, markers or rubber bands, as they can cause scarring on the pictures. If you would like to use some newspaper clipping along with the pictures, have copies made on acid-free paper and then add them to your wedding photo album.

Invest in a good quality wedding photo album that contains acid and Lignin free pages. Even the slightest trace of acid in the album can cause the wedding pictures to deteriorate at a faster rate.

If you would like to add comments or dates to any wedding pictures, do not write on the back of the pictures. Use separate photo labels to make comments and place them in the plastic pockets provided in the album. This will also help in preserving pictures for a longer period of time.

Wedding photographs are truly the only way to keep your most prized memories timeless and eternal!