What is special about Andy Warhol Pop Art?

A visual print art movement that was famous during the 20th century was “Pop Art”. Andy Warhol, a commercial illustrator turned painter, printer and film maker, was a leading figure during that movement. Andy Warhol’s methodology to create paintings of subjects became famous as pop art. His pop art painting was special and unique. So, what’s so special about Andy Warhol pop art? Why is it that a lot of attention is drawn towards Andy Warhol pop art?

Andy Warhol Pop ArtWarhol wanted a distinctive subject for his paintings and so he experimented with different contexts and colors. Warhol’s subjects range from everyday mundane objects like “Campbell’s Soup Cans” to celebrities including “Marilyn Monroe”. He also used images from cartoons as his subjects.

The technique adopted was similar – artistic risks, silkscreen, reproduced serially and most importantly, bright colored paints used. He worked on a signature style and eliminated artist’s hand of craftsmanship and personality during the process.

Warhol believed that art could be developed from objects around us. His type of art was creative and mass produced. The essence of Andy Warhol’s skill was his ability to get rid of the difference between commercial arts and fine arts.

Typical Features

•    Andy Warhol pop art is comical, decorative, fashionable and fanciful.
•    Only the subject is focused in his pop art.
•    Back ground is never elaborated.
•    His pop art usually challenges idealist visions.
•    Frank and personal emotions are questionable in his pop art.
•    There is always a pattern and color to convey a beautiful message through the subject.
•    There is high contrast between the subject and the back ground.
•    The style adopted for the subject is exclusive with a casual approach.
•    There is use of vibrant colors.
•    Large zones of flat colors are visible.
•    There is presence of little square-texture.

Andy Warhol pop art is visually distinguishable among all other pop art styles. There are modern interpretations of the same as well.

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